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Asuna's 100 Keyboards Full of Noises 2018

Full of Noises is a sound art and new music organisation based in a public park on Cumbria’s Furness Peninsula. We produce and commission new work from contemporary composers and sound artists through a programme of residencies, performances and public realm installations.

Since forming in 2009, we have produced over one hundred events, including seven biennial festivals, showcasing new work by over two hundred artists. Starting life in the former canteen building of a Trident submarine plant, Full of Noises has hosted artists ranging from Faust, AGF, Hildur Gudnadottir and Tetsuo Kogawa to Laura Cannell, Lee Patterson, Lee Gamble and Ryoko Akama. Touring events have taken place in venues including London’s Cafe OTO, the Liverpool Biennial, the Sao Paulo Biennial, Beacons Festival and National Trust Castles in the Lake District. Full of Noises has been an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation since 2011.

Current projects include a series of residencies with South Walney Nature Reserve, site specific commissions for Barrow Park and an international EU funded project exploring the creative potential of open microphones, Acoustic Commons.

  Full of Noises is...

Glenn Boulter

Glenn Boulter

Artistic Director

Glenn Boulter is a Cumbria-based artist and producer. His practice focuses on forms of written and spoken language with a particular interest in found texts that are often developed into prints, books, performances and sound works.

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2005, he has produced exhibitions and sounds works for a range of host sites including the ROH2, Sao Paulo Biennial, NHS Hull and Barrow Athletic Football Club. As a founder member of Full of Noises, he has co-produced over one hundred concerts, residencies and events across the UK including seven biennial festivals.

Andrew Deakin

Andrew Deakin

Programme Director

Andrew is a composer, born 1958, in Oldham Lancashire. BA Music and Philosophy. For over 30 years he has been collaborating with choreographers, dancers and film-makers in particular and has held positions on the Boards of a number of organisations including Sonic Arts Network, UK and Ireland Soundscape Community and folly.

From 1993-2003 he helped develop and led the BA, BSc and MA Sonic Arts courses at Middlesex University and undertook research in various aspects of sound, performance and technology. He is a Founder Director of Octopus Collective. In a previous life he worked as a tax officer, plumber and park keeper (not all at the same time!). He hasn’t given up yet.

  Programme Panel

Programme board


Full of Noises programme panel is a small group of Cumbrian and Cumbria-based practitioners that we have invited to help us shape our programme for 2023-26.

In response to shifting our model away from an annual festival to a year-round series of events, the panel meets quarterly to share longlists of artists, plan different event strands and to feed back on events so far.

Given their strong film / moving image background, the current panel are also directly  involved in programming and working on our moving image programme for Autumn / Winter.

As the programme becomes established, we plan to expand the panel to include audience & community members, artists and others. Look out for a call out in Autumn / Winter this year or talk to us at one of our events to find out more.

Sophie Broadgate

Sophie Broadgate is a Cumbrian filmmaker, artist and educator. Her practice spans across narrative, documentary and art film. Sophie's current work focuses on the questioning of societal norms, gender, queer and neurodivergent experiences.

She also works as a freelance facilitator, project manager and autism advocate with artist organisations, film festivals and artist spaces around the UK.

Laurence Campbell

Laurence Campbell is an artist/filmmaker based in Cumbria. Through the development of experimental systems he has evolved an artistic language within digital art, film and sound that attempts to document the lines between reality and memory.

Motivated by the exploration of isolated spaces and people, the focus of his work is to create fractured narratives within non-representational documentation, and derive immersive methods to process and communicate his work.

locartandfilm.com / Instagram: @locartandfilm

Tom James Scott

Tom James Scott is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and improviser who currently lives on the North-West coast of England. He started performing and releasing his own work in the mid 2000's and has continued to collaborate with a number of different artists and labels both in the UK and internationally.

tomjamesscott.bandcamp.com / skiremusic.bandcamp.com
Instagram: @skiremusic

Natalie Sharp

I am Natalie Sharp, a British artist, musician, and radical body activist of dual heritage. With a multifaceted practice spanning over 15 years, I continuously push the boundaries of artistic expression and challenge societal norms.

As a disabled artist myself, I am deeply committed to advocating for inclusivity and accessibility within the art world and beyond. My work is rooted in radical body activism, aiming to challenge ableist structures and promote a more inclusive society.

Through my art, I explore the possibilities of the human body, pushing the boundaries of what is considered "normal" or "acceptable." I use performance art, music, sculpture, and costume design to create thought-provoking experiences that challenge perceptions and celebrate diverse bodies and abilities.

RL Wilson

RL Wilson is an artist and researcher, living and working in West Cumbria.

 Wilson's practice is multidisciplinary, collaborative, and socially embedded; focusing on liveness and place – working with, and combining sound, performance, text, and the moving image.

Currently undertaking a PhD by Practice via Northumbria University, Wilson is researching the role of the Arts and its contribution to knowledge, of rural communities, via the effects of mass tourism during a climate emergency.

Wilson is also founder, curator, programmer, and general dogsbody for the Artists platform RE Drift - with a focus on West Cumbria. This platform invites locals, national, and international artists, practitioners, academics, and conservationists, in engagement with communities - through playful, collaborative, and hyperlocal focus.

Current Directors:

Philip Atkinson, Taylor Nuttall

Past Directors:

Chris Cresswell, Richard Foster, Linda O'Keeffe, Ailie Robertson. Founding Directors: Glenn Boulter, Andrew Deakin, John Hall

Past Advisory Board and Staff:

Pippa Martin, Shaun Blezard, Natalie Bowers, Nina Valvi, Alex Oxley, Fern Oxley, Ross Dalziel, Fiona Ogilvie, Lisa Whistlecroft, Hwa Young Jung, Dave Mee