In Residence – Mobile Radio

Radio hacking workshop and live broadcast to RadiaLx Festival in Lisbon from Piel View House, Barrow Park, led by Mobile Radio. Featuring performances from the Piel View Hackers (Andrew Barker, Fiona Ogilvie, Steve Povey, Shaun Blezard, Pete Dent, Neil Wade), Mobile Radio (Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann) and Octopus (John Hall, Andrew Deakin, Glenn Boulter). […]


Ryoko Akama – Ways of Strings

“Following her performance at FON in 2011, sound artist Ryoko Akama returns for a research residency in collaboration with dancer Mariko Satori. As part of their project, Ryoko and Mariko invite you to build your own traditional three-string Japanese lute and work with them to create a collaborative piece together in the park.”


Mr Underwood – Noise Box Workshop

Documentation from our first Hardware Hacking workshop in Barrow Park, Sat 24th March 2012. From the press release: ‘Octopus are looking for up to 10 enthusiastic individuals to form a monthly hacking group in Barrow Park… With regular sessions from guest artists, you will learn to make, experiment and play with hacked devices and handmade […]