Chiz Turnross

Enjoying the freedom of often self imposed anonymity the profile of Artist/Musician Chiz Turnross appears somewhat elusive. As often, his aim to engage directly with a larger public than a traditional art audiences. Hence projects are often outside conventional art spaces. (e.g. back alleys, bingo halls, river banks ) collaborating with non artists and artist alike.

“I’m still looking for inspiration everywhere ‘other’—
In the past year year i’ve been;
Riding the canals of the U.K on my shopper bike -Kim.- Surprisingly picking up the pen.
Foolishly taking up drums and pottery -in my fifties.
Chipping away at the seem of euro-disco.
I continue to paint and exhibit my miniature ‘sprite’ paintings.
My old friend television really is rubbish but still an education.
The cult of Rugby League is always close.
I Just finished Barbara Cartland’s Dangerous Dandy.