FON at Beacons 2014

Beacons Festival
Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th August 2014
Funkirk Estate, Skipton,
North Yorkshire, BD23 3AB

Full of Noises are pleased to present highlights from our 2013 festival at Beacons 2014. Look out for performances by live tape loop improvisors Howlround, tabletop guitar ensemble Ex-Easter Island Head, mysterious duo the Aleph and the return of the Octopus Chopping Board guitar workshop.

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Into the Woods
Friday 8th August 2am
Four machines, two people, Howlround craft shifting soundscapes from live manipulation
of stretched and looped tape on vintage reel to reel machines.


Ex Easter Island Head
Into the Woods
Saturday night 9th August, 2.00am
Liverpool based Ex Easter Island Head compose and perform music on a variety of
instruments to build mesmeric layers of sound.Their records Mallet Guitars One–Three
and Large Electric Ensemble have been highly rated by the likes of The Wire, Pitchfork,
the BBC and the New York Times, and group’s unique sound world favourably compared
to the works of Steve Reich, Brian Eno and Claude Debussy. Join Ex Easter Island Head
this summer for a unique and immersive late night performance.


The Aleph
Saturday night, 3am, Into the Woods
In equal parts a music set with live visuals, as it is a film with live soundtrack, The Aleph will
take you on an emotional journey to explore themes of innocence, retrospection and
corruption. Come and experience time collapsing in on itself, as music from the distant
past to the far future is interwoven to create a spectral, alternative present in the premier of
The Aleph’s new show, ‘The Good Eater’.


Octopus Chopping Board Guitar Orchestra
Things to Make and Do Tent
Fri 8th Aug 13:00 – 15:00
Sat 9th Aug 11:00 – 13:00
Do you want to create your own music with homemade tabletop instruments built from wooden chopping boards and guitar components, and amplified with contact
microphones? In this workshop, led by Cumbria-based Octopus Collective, we will focus on improvising together to create a short piece of music with up to 14 performers.
Designed as a no-budget, rucksack-friendly alternative to a guitar, the boards are fitted with leftover strings and played with chopsticks, violin bows, mallets and various
implements for a range of sounds from delicate scraping to vicious hammering.
Join Octopus on Friday and Saturday early afternoon, in the Things to Make and Do workshop tent, The Space Between.