Ark of Sound – 13/10/2018

Ark of Sound

Ark of Sound

Ark of Sound
Sat 13th October 2018, 11am-4pm
St Augustine of Canterbury Church, Alston, Cumbria
Free admission

In ‘Ark of Sound’ Josephine Dickinson will share the sights and sounds of her day-to-day life living and working on Alston Moor, subtly transforming St Augustine’s into a ‘sounding body’ reflecting her very individual sound world since becoming profoundly deaf following a childhood illness.

Enter the church, take a seat or walk around, and listen to an ever-changing soundscape interspersed with recordings of Josephine talking about her experience a few years ago, of suddenly losing her remaining hearing and the ‘aural hallucinations’ which followed.

Take a pew in the Choir to watch a unique visual meditation in the form of a digital projection using Josephine’s photographs of Alston Moor,  providing space to contemplate the nature of our relationships to the natural world, our community and each other.

‘Ark of Sound’ is made in collaboration with Susan Deakin and Andrew Deakin and supported by Full of Noises –