‘Fear Itself’ workshop with @ShrimpingIt – 28/10/2017


'Fear Itself' workshop with @ShrimpingIt - 28/10/2017 1

‘Fear Itself’ workshop with @ShrimpingIt
Sat 28 October, 13:00 – 15:00
Barrow Market Hall, 28 Duke Street
Tickets – £3/£5 or free with festival pass

Share with us your greatest fear from the streets of Barrow to join in with our playful and absurd experiments in hazard monitoring and control. Fear Itself is open to all, whether you dread the nuclear apocalypse or the laddered stocking. Part self-help group, part craft workshop we explore ‘things that go bump in the day’ to uncover and remix modern rituals and the iconography of risk. Participants will be supported with props and prompts to develop their own theatrical performance demonstrating to the residents of Barrow that they have nothing to fear.

Ages 12 and up

The workshop will include:

  • Fear Mapping
  • Hazard Symbols
  • Sounds and Sirens
  • Street Performance

@ShrimpingIt website: http://start.shrimping.it/

Location: The workshop will take place in a shop unit at the rear of the market (directly facing Barrow Town Hall) and can be accessed from the street or via the market hall.