ROOP! – 07/09/2019


ROOP! - 07/09/2019 1

Birgit Oigus, RUUP, 2018 – image by Amelia Harvey

ROOP! (Northern/Scottish word meaning ‘To roar; make a great noise’)
Sat, 7 September 2019
The Yan, Forestry Commission Visitor Centre
Grizedale Forest, Hawkshead, LA22 0QJ
14:00-17:00 (listening walk)
18:00 – 19:00 (performance)

An afternoon exploring listening in Grizedale Forest culminating in a performance in the Yan by Sound Artists Kelly Jayne Jones and Lee Patterson.

Armed with suggestions from our Listening Guide (available free from the Visitor Centre from 2pm) explore the many trails in the forest, taking time to stop and listen in all sorts of playful and surprising ways. Along the way find the wonderful hidden sculpture Ruup to listen to an ever-changing soundscape composition by Kelly and Lee amplified by the unique shape of the sculpture where sounds of the forest and fells will mix with the sounds of objects and recordings. You won’t always know exactly what you are listening to.

Later in the day (18.00) join Kelly and Lee in The Yan for two solo performances. Kelly will be playing a recent work which draws inspiration from Cumbria’s ‘musical stones’. Lee is a sonic alchemist whose live performances explore the quietest of sounds drawn from the most unlikely of sources from chalk dissolving in water to a single burning peanut.

Roop! is a co-production with Lakes Alive 2019