Full of Noises at Wray Castle

Just as we finished the washing up after FON it was time for the Wray Castle Weekender on the banks of Lake Windermere in partnership with Cumbria Tourism and the National Trust. This was a kind of condensed FON, set in the Cluedo house. Ross Dalziel set up his 3-D, real world Minecraft building site in one room to the delight of several hundred kids and the bemusement of their families who were trying to keep them out of cyberspace for five minutes. Steve Symons entrusted us with his Colpersys 4 surround sound piece, which was installed in the Fern House; dapper vocalists Jon Hering and Ben Fair roamed the grounds amassing material for a stairwell audio installation played on a Fisher Price Cassette machine, whilst in the upstairs bedroom Octopodes John and Glenn ran a rolling Breadboard Lute workshop.

This was a great weekend, we had huge amounts of visitors and participants and fingers crossed we can develop some further events in the new year. Thanks to Cumbria Tourism and the National Trust for supporting and hosting the event. Thanks also to the castle staff, visitors and to Miss Scarlet and her lead piping.