FoN 2019 – Works for Barrow Park


FoN 2019 - Works for Barrow Park 1

Full of Noises 2019 – Free events in Barrow Park
Fri 9th / Sat 10th / Sun 11th August,
12:00 – 17:00 daily

Crazy Golf Hack 2
by Domestic Science and invited artists
Barrow Park Pitch & Putt

We continue our four-year programme of new commissions for Barrow Park with a series of playful interactive sound sculptures for the pitch & putt course that revisits Crazy Golf Hack (2011) by Ross Dalziel, Chiz Turnross and Douglas Laing, our only piece so far to have featured in both The Wire and Private Eye. In addition to Domestic Science and Chiz Tunross, expect new work from Nicki McCubbing, Sarah Kenchington, Sam Underwood, John Hall & Chris Dennett (Trumpy Tower, above) and a welcome entry from our neighbours Furness Model Railway Club.

FoN 2019 - Works for Barrow Park 2

The Higgs Bow Sound Collider by Sam Underwood
Swing Thing by Sarah Kenchington
Barrow Park – on the move

Thing Thong, a bicycle powered musical instrument housed in a domestic greenhouse was one of the highlights of FoN 2018, returning this year in a new, improved form. Split into two independent mobile units, the instruments will move around the park during the festival – look out for them and try your hand at generating your own mechanical music.

FoN 2019 - Works for Barrow Park 3

In the Greenhouse
Not in the Shipyard Now & works from the FON archive

Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of Barrow-in-Furness is a place of peace and loveliness. Right in the heart of the town, just minutes from the shops and busy streets, is Barrow Park, a 45 acre green space. It was designed for the Victorians by Thomas Mawson. Over a hundred years on, it is still thriving and has become a special place for so many people. Senior Park Ranger Ken Higginson loves the greenhouse. Mary and Irene, living in sheltered housing across the road from the park, have many tales to tell. The ladies may not be able to access the park in the same way they once did, but their memories are strong. So too are those from former Park Superintendent John Crossfield, who started as an apprentice and worked his way up to becoming the boss. Barrow-in-Furness is a town whose identity is often overshadowed by the presence of industrial giants, most notably BAE systems, or ‘the shipyard’. Not in the shipyard now is a dual celebration; of the history and heritage of Barrow Park, but also of the people who know it best and have generously shared their stories.