Full of Noises 4.5 – Gull Spit 27&28/10/17

Full of Noises 4.5 - Gull Spit 27&28/10/17 1

SoundCamp Residency – The Spit
Barrow Market Hall
Friday 27th 12:00 – 16:45
Sat 28th October 10:00 – 16:45
Free – drop in
Work in progress from the first Octopus Collective / Cumbria Wildlife Trust residency on South Walney.
Over Friday afternoon and Saturday, SOUNDCAMP will take over a unit at the covered market, to share sounds, video and writings made in the course of their residency, together with real time links to The Spit, where a streambox and webcam allow sounds of seals, waders, wind and water to be heard in real time from an area off limits to visitors. A listening booth, video installations and works on paper will be throughout the day and a half.

Events on Saturday
11:00 – A screening of Signals for Survival, a film exploring gull communication shot on Walney in 1968.
13:00 – A talk by Sarah Dalrymple, warden of South Walney Nature Reserve for the Cumbria Wildlife Trust about the history of the reserve, the work of the CWT and how people can visit and get involved.
15:00 – South Walney Radio. Maria Papadomanolaki will set up a low power FM radio transmission in the covered market and the street outside, relaying live sounds from The Spit.

Full of Noises 4.5 - Gull Spit 27&28/10/17 2

SoundCamp is an artist collective based in London. We coordinate a network of soundcamps at locations around the world in the first weekend of May each year. Sounds of these and other locations, relayed by streamers with DIY transmitters, provide the raw materials for Reveil: a live 24 hour transmission of daybreak as it loops the earth. Soundcamp’s work on sound and place has been supported by Sound and Music, Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund, Biosphere Soundscapes, TCV, CRiSAP at LCC/UAL, local funders and small donations. Current activities include the development of a network of open microphones in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and work with Time&Talents and the Rotherhithe Shed around the the sounds of Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe.

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