Hannah Festival Open Day – 13/06/17

Hannah Festival Open Day - 13/06/17 1

Hannah Directory Launch
Open studio day at
Piel View House
Tues 13 June, 10:00-16:00

Ever wondered what goes on in that sightly sinister looking house in Barrow park? We’re holding an open studio on Tuesday 13th June to celebrate the launch of this year’s Hannah Directory – drop in to pick up your copy and hear/see some of the work we’ve been doing since we moved into Piel View House back in 2010.

‘Hannah Directory looks for outstanding contributions in any activity that is for the common good of the place it happens in. Octopus / Full of Noises joins artists, musicians, community groups, digital technology companies, policy think tanks, a music festival and a volunteer-run cinema in the fifth edition of the directory, which celebrates people and organisations living and working in places in England’s north

More than a hundred different organisations have made it into the five editions of the directory so far, covering a geographical area from Barrow to Sheffield and Newcastle to Liverpool. Bringing them all together in one directory means ideas and inspiration can be exchanged between people and places in the north.’

Read more at: hannahfestival.com

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Piel View House image by Sam Underwood