Lauren Redhead – Organ & Electronics

Lauren Redhead, Organ and Electronics
Sat 10th May 2014
Pre-concert talk 6.30pm
Concert 7.30pm
St James Church, Barrow-in-Furness
Tickets are £5/£3, from Some free tickets will be made available for students in Barrow.

The combination of organ and electronics is a particularly effective one, but not often a common one. This concert is part of a tour, funded and co-produced by new music organisation Sound and Music, which aims to promote the unique sound of music for organ and electronics. The tour features works of living composers commissioned by Lauren Redhead for this innovative combination, including music which explores it by combining the organ, electronics, open notation, and the sound in space.

Lauren Redhead, the performer says:

“All of the music reveals the sound of the organ, and the buildings, in ways that the audience will not have heard before. The influences of the featured composers are as diverse as Josquin Desprez, The Orb, ice-age cave art and the construction of the instrument itself.”

The Barrow date of Lauren Redhead’s tour will be 10th May 2014. The concert takes place at St James Church, and is co-produced by Octopus who are resident in Barrow. This will be a return to the church for Lauren, who performed there as part of the Full of Noises festival in 2013

Audio examples of work featured in the tour:

Alistair Zaldua ‘Blow Up’

Tina Krekel’s ‘Grapefruits…’

Further info: