Full of Noises…Refill – a film by Helen Petts

A new film by artist filmmaker Helen Petts drawing upon performances and artworks from the first six years of the Full of Noises festival. Artists include: Sarah Gail Brand, Howlround, the Bohman Brothers, Laura Cannell & André Bosman, AGF, Sound Network, Felix Kubin, Patrick Farmer, Jonathan Hering, Simon Pomery, Gianni Mimmo, Alison Blunt, John Eacott / Floodtide, Mary Stark, Steve Symons, These Feathers Have Plumes.

Camera: Mary Stark, Helen Petts, Jack Boulter
Edit: Helen Petts
Sound mix: Dave Hunt


Full of Noises – from the archive

A new film by Mary Stark compiled from footage taken from the Full of Noises festival archive.