FON 2019 – Soundwalk with Tim Shaw – 10/08/2019


FON 2019 - Soundwalk with Tim Shaw - 10/08/2019 1

Ambulation: Soundwalk with Tim Shaw
Meet at Piel View House, Barrow Park
Sat 10th August, 14:30 – 16:00
This event was free for FoN ticket holders / £3 non-ticket-holders

Ambulation is a headphone-based sound walk that uses adapted field recording equipment and
DIY listening technologies to explore the sonic quality of different environments through an expanded performance practice. Ambulation configures field recording as a live, performative act. Each
Ambulation event responds to and engages audiences with the interplay between sound and space in a particular location. The performance supports a collective listening experience and considers how recording and performance operate as shared listening practices more broadly.

“During the forty to eighty-minute walk that is the performance of Ambulation I use a variety of listening technologies, which I have adapted to record and manipulate the sounds of the immediate context in real-time. The sounds I ‘collect’ during the walk are broadcast live for the duration of the performance to wireless headphones worn by participants who are walking alongside me. With this set up we walk together along a loosely planned route around the local environment. Using the
portable system that I have developed for Ambulation, along the route I record, re-sample and manipulate the soundscapes of the contexts we move through. No pre-recorded material is used in Ambulation, which means that the first time the audience hears a sound is also the first time I hear it as the performer. The event is thus constituted of listening to the environment we are walking through via my improvised sound performance.”