Mr Underwood – Noise Box Workshop

Documentation from our first Hardware Hacking workshop in Barrow Park, Sat 24th March 2012.

From the press release:
‘Octopus are looking for up to 10 enthusiastic individuals to form a monthly hacking group in Barrow Park…
With regular sessions from guest artists, you will learn to make, experiment and play with hacked devices and handmade electronics with an opportunity to perform as a group at the next FON Festival in 2013. All skill levels are welcome.
For our first session, we’ll be joined by Mr Underwood who will be showing you how to build your own Noise Box – an electronic drone instrument whose pitch is controlled with gesture. The frequency of the sound output by each of the three oscillators in this Optical Theremin is determined by the intensity of the light falling on each sensor. Vary the light using your hands or by shining a light directly onto the unit.’