Octopus at Other Worlds – 11/04/15


Fri 9th – Sun 11th

Other Worlds is a festival of experimental music and sound art curated by Must Die Records. Aiming somewhere between Art and Music Other Worlds is a multi venue festival that hopes to provide a platform for both emerging and established performers/artists to have the freedom to experiment and push boundaries in new directions within a supportive and encouraging environment.

Octopus Breadboard Guitar Orchestra – Sat 11th April
Drone out with homemade tabletop instruments built from wooden chopping boards and amplified with contact microphones. The workshop will focus on improvising together (using violin bows, beaters, chopsticks and other small objects) and creating a short piece of music with up to 10 performers.
Designed as a no budget, rucksack friendly alternative to a guitar, the boards are fitted with leftover strings and played with chopsticks, bows, mallets and various implements for a range of sounds from delicate, gamelan style pieces to massed drones and percussive repetition.